New services

New services


The CREOLINK group company, UAB “Heliopolis”, has expanded the range of services provided and will now offer customers even greater opportunities for the processing of sheet materials.

More efficient and professional production of parts

The new and modern French MECANUMERIC GROUP vacuum three-axis milling machines will allow you to quickly, accurately and precisely process the materials and get the desired form of workpiece. By presenting (or by coordinating) the drawing, the milling can be done not only for the wide range of materials used in advertising: organic glass (PMMA), PVC (monolithic or foam) panels, SAN glass, polycarbonate (PC), PET-G; Aluminium composite panels (AKP) or aluminium. There is also a possibility to mill the construction materials: high pressure laminate (HPL), aluminium composite (AKP), wood shaving (MDP) or plywood panels. By harmonizing the draft conditions, the milling can also be done from the sheets of technical plastics: polyamide (PA-6), polyacetal (POM), PET, polyethylene (PE), etc

Precision cutting with a new horizontal cutting center

New and modern horizontal cutting centre of the Italian manufacturer SCM GROUP SPA is another piece of news for customers. With these cutting machines, we can quickly and precisely cut different materials: PMMA; PVC; SAN; PS, PET, AKP; HPL; PA6; PE; POM and others. Thanks to the technological solutions installed on these machines, the cutting efficiency is particularly pronounced when it is necessary to prepare a larger quantity of workpiece that has to be cut in the same format.