Glossy or matte, white as snow or coloured, cellulosic or with wood, and how many different grammages! The world of paper will hypnotise you with the abundance of its shades and textures. To visualize your ideas and your thoughts, to write down your greetings, to print impressions, we will help you to not get lost in the large number of paper types and to choose the most suitable solution.


Since 1998 we have been supplying printing works, publishing companies and reproduction studios with offset printing, printing equipment and materials, we provide up-to-date information on innovations in the printing market.

Printing materials

We supply the equipment and software, digital printing, post printing equipment for the printing market.



Films are another our passion. Metalized, light reflective, holographic, fluorescent and many other films, which are especially needed for the fans and professionals of car tuning, manufacturers of warning signs, and developers of advertising measures.


Various-sized corrugated cardboard boxes according to customer's requirements, big bags for transportation and storage, packaging materials and tools.


Profiles, sheets, composite panels – these are the solutions from aluminium for construction and advertising production companies.

Aluminium profiles

Strong, acid-resistant, extremely wear-resistant plastics for industrial companies and at the same time easily processed: easy to cut, drill, mill, bend or otherwise form – excellent solutions for the manufacturers of visual advertising products. We have the thorough knowledge of this market since we are one of the largest suppliers of polymer materials in Lithuania.